Single parenting

Single parenting is the parenting of one or more children without the physical or financial support of another parent. It is typically used to refer to the parenting of a child or children by one biological parent, in the case of divorce or death of a partner, or by a sole custodian.

Single parenting is also sometimes used to refer to a co-parenting arrangement, in which one of the child’s biological parents has primary custody, but the other parent has regular visitation or contact with the child. Single parenting can be a difficult situation for both the parent and the child. It can be a challenge for a single parent to provide for their family financially, emotionally, and physically.

Single parenting also can create feelings of guilt, stress, and resentment. It can also cause feelings of loneliness and isolation. It is important for single parents to make sure to set aside time for themselves and to build a strong support network. This may include friends, family, and community resources.


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